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Ann Pizer

Anusaragate II

By February 15, 2012

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The plot has only continued to thicken for Anusara yoga since the accusations of wrong-doing against founder John Friend appeared via YogaDork on February 3rd. Senior teachers who stepped up to defend and work with Friend in the immediate aftermath of his admissions became disillusioned with the process of change when it became clear that Friend would not accept their recommendation that he absent himself from a planned weekend workshop in Miami, set to focus, ironically enough, on relationships. Friend did appear and more of his teachers resigned this week. Two long, interesting letters were posted on Elephant Journal today. The first, by former Anusara spiritual advisor Douglas Brooks, lays out the problems Brooks sees with the guru-model system under which Anusara has operated. The second letter was written by Amy Ippoliti, who resigned from Anusara just before the scandal hit. It offers the most candid look so far at the inner workings of Anusara yoga, and it's not a pretty picture. In addition to confirming Friend's drug use and inappropriate sexual relationships, Ippoliti recounts what it was like working with a manipulative, power-mad megalomaniac (is that redundant?) who plays favorites. Meanwhile, YogaDork is reporting that Anusara headquarters in Texas has closed. Once again, stay tuned...

Update: On February 16th, John Friend announced his intention to take a leave of absence from Anusara Yoga.

February 16, 2012 at 3:34 pm
(1) mela says:

The fear based jumping ship upsets me the most, by a long shot. No doubt I will be losing friends this week. Those who stay to steady the Anusara ship will see more of me. I applaud their effort!

Will the 8 studios, who presumably sent $ to A Inc, be lowering their prices accordingly?

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