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Anusara Updates from Texas Monthly, New York Magazine, and The Daily Beast

By April 17, 2012

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Just when it seemed as if the media coverage of Anusaragate had slacked off, the production cycle of print magazines caught up to the scandal, bringing several newly published long articles of note. Mimi Swartz, who wrote The New York Times Magazine cover story on John Friend in 2010 ("The Yoga Mogul") and has been on Friend's blacklist ever since, has an excellent overview in Texas Monthly, which takes us back to the early days of Anusara and then right on up to the present. Even if you've maxed out on reading about Anusara, this piece includes some interesting insights into what went wrong along the way. Vanessa Grigoriadis' article in New York Magazine is significant for its post-scandal access to John Friend. Grigoriadis met with Friend at his home in The Woodlands, Texas, and discovered, not surprisingly, that he feels betrayed. Notable revelations include that Anusara is out of money and Friend may attempt a comeback as early as this summer; you decide how the two are related. An online article in The Daily Beast provides more details on the sexual shenanigans in which Friend engaged in the name of Wicca, directly from a former member of the coven. Though the future of Anusara remains as uncertain as ever, this story has proven too salacious to die down just yet.

April 23, 2012 at 9:21 am
(1) whitney says:

This is so silly, anusara is a beautiful style of yoga. An overcelebrated man experiments with sex and drugs. Do we stop appreciating the art of our favorite rockstars just because the fast pace of fame and stardom trip them up? Yoga is linked with non attachment, and the irony of the situation is that those attaching to the drama of the John Friend story likely have no idea what John really contributed to the yogic path, and what yoga is truly about. So many of the new practitioners don’t either, and that is fine, but we need to focus on great teachers, leaders & teachings and how to have more people inspiring others. Although I never met Mr. Friend, and as any human has also done in a lifetime, I trust he hurt and disappointed other human beings, I want to celebrate the seed of heart forward living, and open hearted yoga his leadership planted in me. Namaste Mr. Friend.

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