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Ann Pizer

Arthur Boorman's Yoga Transformation

By May 10, 2012

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The latest yoga video to go viral (over three million hits!) is this inspirational YouTube clip featuring Gulf War veteran Arthur Boorman, a former paratrooper who was severely overweight and could not walk unassisted. Boorman started doing a yoga program created by pro wrestler "Diamond" Dallas Page and, within a year, had dramatically transformed both his body and his outlook on life. For those wanted to know more, Boorman was featured on Good Morning America today. I'm curious about the cardio portion of the program mentioned in the GMA clip and the "eating guidelines" referred to on the DDP Yoga website, both of which are essential for weight loss. Anyone tried any DDP Yoga?

EDIT: Now you can read my DDP Yoga review.

May 18, 2012 at 6:20 pm
(1) Alistair says:

Hello Ann

I’ve currently been doing DDPYOGA for over three months now and it has completely changed me.
In the first two months alone I lost over two stone just by changing my eating habits (no diets, just healthy eating), and adjusting the program to the areas I wanted to focus on, in my case, a lot of knee strength exercises.

I’m 26, and I have never been in shape this good or been this flexible, even in my prime time when I was 18.

I have always liked Diamond Dallas Page as a person regardless because of the amount of hard work he puts in to helping others, but it was the combination of hearing about the realistic benefits of DDPYOGA, and seeing Arthur’s journey that made me what to really change, and guess what…… I have :) .

I could not recommend this program enough, after many Years of searching for something to help me take control of my health, I have finally found it.

I hope this helps


June 5, 2012 at 5:15 am
(2) YDW says:

Hi Ann

I have been on DDP Yoga for nearly 3 months now. I’m 40, and now stronger than at 24…

After years of injuries from contact sport such as Rugby and Compulsory Military service in my early twenties, with the added sin of bad eating (junk food), little exercise and career stress, I can tell you DDPYoga has been a blessing. What have I gained:

1. Purpose
2. Lazer Sharp Mental Focus
3. Flexibility
4. Strength
5. 5Kg’s weight loss
6. Toning
7. Breathing: This is almost the highlight… I can now breathe in for nearly 30 seconds, and breathe out for nearly 30 seconds…

Try it, you will not be disappointed.

Your friend


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