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Introduction to the Bandhas - Interior Body Locks Used in Yoga

An introduction to the bandhas - interior body locks used in yoga. There are three bandhas - Mula Bandha, Uddiyana Bandha and Jhalandara Bandha. Each bandha is a lock, meaning a closing off of part of the interior body. These locks are used in various pranayama and asana practices to tone, cleanse and energize the interior body and organs. When all three bandhas are activated at the same time, it is called Maha Bandha, the great lock.

Mula Bandha - Root Lock
Definition and instructions for Mula Bandha, the Root Lock.

Uddiyana Bandha - Abdominal Lock
Definition and instructions for Uddiyana Bandha, the Abdominal Lock.

Jhalandara Bandha -Throat Lock
Definition and instructions for Jhalandara Bandha, the Throat Lock.

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