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Beginning Yoga Poses

The number of yoga poses (each with its own unfamiliar name) there are can be a bit overwhelming. Before you throw up your hands, look at this list of basic poses for beginners. These beginning yoga poses are all you need to know before taking your first yoga class.
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Cat - Cow Stretch
A very basic spinal stretch done on all fours.
Child's Pose - Balasana
This is a resting pose you can use anytime you get tired.
Cobra Pose - Bhujangasana
A very basic backbend, Cobra may be done many times in a single yoga class.
Corpse Pose - Savasana
This resting and rejuvenating pose is done at the end of every yoga class.
Downward Facing Dog - Adho Mukha Svanasana
Downward facing dog is done many times during most yoga classes. It is a transitional pose, a resting pose and a great strengthener in its own right.
Knees, Chest, and Chin - Ashtanga Namaskara
This pose may be done many times in a single yoga class in sequence with Plank and Cobra.
Mountain Pose - Tadasana
The foundation of all standing poses.
Plank Pose
Strengthens the arms and spine.
Raised Hands Pose - Urdhva Hastasana
A standing pose with the arms stretched upwards.
Seated Forward Bend - Paschimottanasana
A forward bend with the legs outstretched.
Staff Pose - Dandasana
Dandasana is the basic seated pose from which all the others originate.
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