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Skull Shining Breath - Kapalabhati Pranayama


Updated March 19, 2013

Benefits: cleansing, invigorating, warming, prevents illness and allergies

This breath consists of rapid, forced exhales followed by passive inhales. In Kundalini practice, Kapalabhati breath is sometimes done while holding poses.

1. Come to sit in a comfortable crosslegged position.

2. Take two or three deep inhales and exhales through the nose to prepare.

3. Inhale to a comfortable level, and then exhale sharply and forcefully through the nose, drawing the belly in as you exhale.

4. Let the inhale happen passively, and continue this cycle of forceful exhales and passive inhales at a fast pace, so that the belly is pumping continuously.

5. Do three rounds of thirty breaths each, coming back to deep inhales and exhales between each round.

6. Come back to normal breathing if you feel lightheaded at any time.

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