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Updated May 30, 2014



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Definition: The literal translation of namaste is "I bow to you." It is used as a respectful greeting and also to mean "thank you." Usually, your yoga teacher will say namaste to the group at the end of class and the students will respond in kind and bow with palms pressed together in Anjali mudra at the heart or the third eye (middle of the forehead). Although namaste is the greeting and Anjali mudra is the position of the hands, they are often conflated and Anjali mudra is often called "namaste position" or prayer position. The teacher may add in an interpretation of their own, such as "the light in me bows to the the light in you." For more on this topic, see our article on namaste etiquette.

Pronunciation: na-ma-stay

Examples: Thank you all for coming to class today. Namaste.

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