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You may start doing yoga just to get a good workout, but it's not unusual to discover a short time later that your life has been suffused with yoga's spirit. Here are some ways you can live mindfully off the mat as well as on.
  1. Yoga Festivals and Retreats (10)

How to Do Yoga on the Cheap
Taking a lot of yoga classes starts to get expensive. Here are some tips that will save you some money.

Share Your Budget Yoga Tips
If money were no object, many of us would go to yoga classes every day, but the economic reality is that most people can't afford that many classes. Share your strategies for getting your yoga on and staying on your budget.

Airplane Yoga
Take your yoga to the skies with these poses adapted for airplane travel.

What is Your Favorite Yoga Music
Yoga music recommendations from readers.

Check in to a Yoga Hotel on Your Next Trip
5 hotels that are making it easier to do yoga on the road.

Airport Yoga Rooms
A list of the airports that offer yoga rooms to travelers.

Yoga New Year's Resolutions
It's a new year. Are you ready for some yoga resolutions?

Top Yoga Retreat Centers in the United States
Yoga and a whole lot more is on offer at these top retreat centers.

9 Tips for an Amazing Yoga Staycation
Destination yoga (like festivals and retreats) may be all the rage, but you can have a great yoga vacation in your own town.

2014 Winter Olympians Do Yoga
2014 Winter Olympians tell us how yoga helps them prepare for the Games.

Family Yoga
Find out about yoga practices that are appropriate for everyone is your family.

Yoga for Kids
How to get your kids in on the yoga fun.

Yoga Year in Review 2013
Rounding up the top yoga stories of 2013.

2012 Olympic Athletes Prepare With Yoga
Top U.S. athletes are finding that yoga is helping them prepare for the 2012 Olympics.

Yogi Tea
How to make delicious chai.

Useful Yoga Poses
Yoga makes you stronger and more flexible, which comes in handy when you need to shave your legs in the shower. Find out about this and other useful poses.

Yoga Gift Guide
A variety of fun and functional gift ideas for yoga lovers.

Yoga Gifts for Men
Shopping for a yoga guy? Here's some help.

Yoga In The Snow!
A place to share your cool snow yoga pics!See submissions

Nude Yoga
Doing yoga in the nude is becoming increasingly popular, and it's not just some naked stretches in your living room. What is driving people to practice nude yoga in group settings?

Chocoveda Truffles
A great gift for chocolate lovers. And they are vegan!

Wanderlust Festival
Yoga festivals are the hot summer destination and Wanderlust is at the top of the heap.

Tell Us About Your Nude Yoga Experience
Have you thought about trying out nude yoga? Check out our readers' experiences before you strip off.

Yoga Conferences
ARe you think of heading to a yoga conference this year? See what to expect and a schedule of this year's biggest events.

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