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Chocoveda Truffles


Updated September 20, 2012

Chocoveda Truffles

Chocoveda Truffles

Image Courtesy of Chocoveda
Chai. Tangerine. Green Tea. Pomegranate. These are a few of the flavors you will find in Chocoveda's Chakra Truffle Box. Each delicious, intense, dark chocolate truffle represents one of the seven chakras.

Chocolate + Ayurveda = Chocoveda

Chocoveda founder Julia Lungin is an ayurvedic practitioner and chocolate lover who brings her expertise in both areas to her vegan, organic truffles. The richness comes from 70% dark chocolate and virgin coconut oil. The formula also includes an ayurvedic herbal tonic. The resulting chocolates are intense in flavor and not too sweet. They are attractively presented and make a great gift for yogi chocoholics.
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