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Yoga New Year's Resolutions


Updated December 31, 2013

For most people who do yoga, our goals are simple: do more yoga! But that can run afoul of another common resolution, saving money. Here are some ways to get in more yoga this year without breaking the bank.

More Yoga for Less Money

Getting the most out of your yoga practice is all about consistency. Let's aim for 90 minutes of yoga at least three times a week. For beginners, it's important to attend class as often as your budget allows. The best way to save money on studio classes is to buy them in bulk, which often offers a substantial discount and provides the added incentive of getting your money's worth since you've paid in advance. If you already have a gym membership, don't discount their yoga offerings before checking them out. Many great teachers work both for yoga studios and health clubs, so the classes can be comparable in quality if not in atmosphere. Student discounts and karma yoga opportunities (classes in exchange for service) are also ways to save. If your budget doesn't allow for that many classes, try a DVD at home or a subscription to an online yoga site

Now that you've established a habit of three or more long sessions a week, work on incorporating at least a few poses on your off days too. As little as 10 minutes a day can help you maintain your progress so that you are getting the most out of your classes. Start with these daily stretches or customize a routine from our Top 10 Yoga Workouts for Beginners.

Every Day is New

People often want to know how long they will need to do yoga before they see results. It's a tricky question because it depends on so many variables, including your baseline fitness, what type of yoga you do, and how often you do it. Yoga is never a quick fix, but stick to this plan (or return to it faithfully if you lapse) and you will be feeling much better at this time next year.

Always keep in mind that while the new year is a great time to make resolutions, each new day offers the same opportunity for a fresh start.

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