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Review - Boomer Yoga by Beryl Bender Birch


Updated June 18, 2012

Review - Boomer Yoga by Beryl Bender Birch

Boomer Yoga by Beryl Bender Birch

Courtesy of Sellers Publishing
In 1995, Ashtanga yoga devotee and Power Yoga innovator Beryl Bender Birch published her influential book Power Yoga, which helped popularize yoga as a vigorous, athletic workout. Now, some fifteen years down the line, Birch has written Boomer Yoga, intended to bring the same focus and clarity to how to take yoga into middle age.
Even yogis get old, as Beryl Bender Birch recounts, much to her surprise, when she began experiencing pain and discovered she was suffering from osteoarthritis. As Bender Birch began to explore how her yoga practice would change as her years accumulated, she brought her wealth of yoga experience to Boomer Yoga.

This book offers practical yoga asana advice for both new yogis and those searching for a way to adapt their practice to an aging body. In addition, Bender Birch examines how a sustained yoga practice will serve to keep the mind healthy as well. Her anecdotal style is combined with the solid voice of experience to make this book both an entertaining read and a practical guide.

Read my interview with Beryl Bender Birch.

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