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Advanced Yoga

Looking for information for on advanced poses, yoga retreats, certifications and teacher trainings? When you've been bitten hard by the yoga bug, this is the place for all your needs.

Advanced Poses
These poses for advanced yoga students include some of yoga's showiest moves, like super-bendy backbends, high-flying arm balances, and perspective-changing inversions.

Yoga Teacher Training
Are you ready to become a yoga teacher? Find out what to expect from yoga teacher training programs, including the cost and time commitment involved.

Stories of Career Change to Yoga Teacher
Did you change your career path to become a yoga teacher? Post here to share how your change of profession worked out.

Top Yoga Retreat Centers in the United States
If you want to deepen your practice or attend a teacher training, take a look at the options provided by these top U.S. yoga retreat centers.

What to Expect at Yoga Retreats
Have a safe and fulfilling experience on yoga retreat with this helpful advice.

Yoga Conferences
Yoga conferences may offer a chance to learn form top teachers and meet other yoga enthusiasts. See a schedule of prominent conferences here.

Yoga Festivals 2013
Yoga fans are flocking to the yoga and music festivals each summer. Get the details here.

Yoga Trends
New trends in yoga have us taking our practices off the mat and into the air and water. These are fun ways to change up your yoga routine.

The Yoga Alignment Paradox
On reconciling contradictory elements in a modern yoga practice. How to work on improving alignment and still listen to your own body.

Trying Out the Hottest Yoga Trends
What more fun that trying out the newest yoga trend? Telling everyone about it! Share your story here!

Show Your Favorite Yoga Pose
Here's your chance to share your favorite yoga pose photos. Just photograph your favorite pose and upload it to the site.

10 Things to Stop Doing to Yourself in Yoga Class
Could your negative habits in yoga class be affecting your practice and your life?

The Yoga Alliance
The Yoga Alliance has a complicated leadership role in U.S. Yoga. Find out why here.

How to Take Yoga on Vacation
When you go on your vacation, your yoga practice doesn't have to. Here's how to keep up your yoga while you are away.

SUP Yoga
SUP Yoga bring together paddling boarding and yoga for a core-intensive workout on water. Check out this new yoga trend.

AcroYoga is a fun, acrobatic way to introduce play into your yoga practice. Done with a partner, AcroYoga can also have a therapeutic effect as gravity is used as a tool to release the spine.

Yoga Festival Reader Reviews
If you're thinking of heading to a summer yoga festival, check out our reader reviews first.

Wanderlust Festival
Wanderlust offers a chance to sample classes with some of yoga's hottest teachers.

Yoga In The Snow!
You'd have to be a real yoga nut to try some poses in the snow, right? Show us what you've got.

Olympic Speed Skater Katherine Reutter Discusses Her Yoga Practice
Olympic Speed Skater Katherine Reutter tells us how yoga fits into her training.

Olympic Freestyle Skier Emily Cook Discusses Her Yoga Practice
2010 Winter Olympian Emily Cook tell us about her love of yoga.

The Pilates - Yoga Connection
Yoga and Pilates have many similarities, including some of the same poses and an emphasis on the breath, but are distinct disciplines. Pilates Guide Marguerite Ogle compares and contrasts.

Teacher Training Programs Index
Great browsable index for those looking for a yoga teacher training program internationally. Searchable by location or specialty.

Yoga Travel
Want to plan your next yoga vacation? Use this comprehensive guide to find yoga retreats around the world.

Show Your Favorite Yoga Pose
Tell us about your favorite pose and why you love it so. You can even include a picture!See submissions

Yoga Anatomy Myths
Longtime yoga students and teachers have probably heard many of these claims over and over again. Amy Matthews does some yoga myth-busting.

Find a Yoga Class
Use this searchable index to find yoga classes all over the world.

Yoga Advice From the Far Side of 40
How your practice may change as you get older.

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