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Yoga Frequently Asked Questions

This yoga FAQ is an index to the most frequently asked questions about yoga. It's great place to start getting answers to all your basic questions.
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Yoga FAQ
An index to all the frequently asked questions on the About.com yoga site.

What is Yoga?
The question, "what is yoga?" may be asked of you when your friends hear that you practice. Here's an answer to have at the ready.

Is Yoga a Religion?
A look at the relationship between religion and spirituality.

Will Doing Yoga Help Me Lose Weight?
Find out if doing yoga can help you reach your weight loss goals.

Is Yoga Just Stretching?
How yoga goes beyond traditional stretching.

Can I Do Yoga Even Though I Am Not Flexible?
Is yoga just for flexible people? Of course not!

Can Men Do Yoga?
Want to know if men can do yoga?

Will Doing Yoga Make Me Sore?
What to do about yoga and sore muscles.

Can I Do Yoga at Home?
Are you wondering how to start doing yoga at home? Here's my advice.

Can Yoga Improve My Sex Life?
Better sex is one of the reputed benefits of yoga. Find out it there's any truth to this.

Should I Avoid Inversions During My Period?
There are many different schools of thought on whether inversions should be avoided by women during their period. See what I think about inverting while menstruating.

What Should I Do About A Slippery Yoga Mat?
If you are slipping on your mat, here's some advice on what to do a about a slippery yoga mat.

What Should You Do About a Head Rush in Yoga Class?
Head rushes are pretty common in yoga class. In general, they are easy to prevent and treat. Find out how.

Is Yoga Just for Hippies?
Yoga and hippies go hand in hand, right?

Embarrassing Yoga Questions
Answers to seven embarrassing yoga questions.

Do You Invert During Menstruation
There are many different schools of thought on whether women should modify their yoga practice during menstruation. Do you, for instance, practice inversions or otherwise change your practice during your period?

Share Your Embarrassing Yoga Stories
Readers share stories of embarrassing situations that arise in yoga classes. Every yogi has one of these embarrassing stories.

How to Choose a Yoga Style
Advice on how to choose a style of yoga and get started.

Yoga and Fat Burning
What is fat burning and does yoga do it?

What's The Best Time To Do Yoga?
What time should you ideally do your yoga practice?

What's the Best Music for Yoga?
A lot of yogis put great time and energy into making their own playlists for practice. Get advice on how to pick the right music.

5 Things Not to Say to Someone Who Does Yoga
As yoga students, we work hard not to let anyone's ignorant comments bother us. But some of these really test our patience.

Clueless Yoga Comments
Some people have no clue what to say when they hear you do a lot of yoga. Give us your best examples here.

When to Eat Before Yoga
If you are heading to yoga class later, plan your meals accordingly.

Should I Drink Water During Yoga?
Do you really need to hydrate during a yoga class?

How Hot is Hot Yoga?
What kind of scorching temperatures should you expect in a hot yoga room?

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