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Can I Do Yoga at Home?


Updated October 24, 2012

Question: Can I Do Yoga at Home?
Answer: One of the great things about yoga is that you can do it almost anywhere. Beginners wondering how to get started should first attend as many classes as possible so they can benefit from the expert advice of a teacher. When you are ready to start doing yoga at home, first gather these basic props.

If you are in good health, enjoy vinyasa flow yoga, and know that you want to practice at home eventually, try out Ashtanga yoga. This style is particularly conducive to practicing at home.

Following along with yoga videos or audio recordings is a great way to jumpstart your home practice. Eventually, you may want to start planning your own workouts. Of course, continuing to attend classes is a great way to get ideas on fun new ways to sequence poses. This will help keep your home practice fresh.

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