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yogitoes rUNIVERSE Yoga Bag


Updated October 08, 2012

rUNIVERSE Bag by yogitoes

rUNIVERSE Bag by yogitoes

Photo Courtesy of Yogitoes
*Note: This bag has been discontinued. Check out my recommendations for the best yoga bags for some other options.

rUNIVERSE is a bag brought to you by yogitoes, the makers of the wildly popular SKIDLESS® mat towel. The rUNIVERSE bag has impeccable eco-credibility; it is made from a fabric created out of recycled plastic bottles.

1 Bag = 11 Bottles

If you are committed to buying earth-friendly products, the rUNIVERSE bag certainly fits the bill. It is made from the proprietary fabric rPET, which is 100% created from recycled plastic bottles, eleven per bag to be exact. In addition, yogitoes is donating a portion of the proceeds from the bags to a non-profit organization called 5GYRES, which studies marine garbage patches.

Form Follows Function, With Mixed Results

The rUNIVERSE is designed with a long double strap that can be adjusted to hold a yoga mat on the underside of the bag. This seemingly brilliant solution does present a problem for the vertically challenged (i.e., short) people in the crowd. When there is no yoga mat inserted, the straps are overly long. The bag is also rather large at 18" W x 14" H x 9" D, so it's best suited to those who have a lot to carry. It does come in nice colors, including aqua, dusty purple, and gray. If you are a tall person-about-town who needs to tote a yoga mat, a towel, and a change of clothes and you care about the environment, the rUNIVERSE sounds like the bag for you.
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