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Agility Yoga Pants by Be Present

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Updated April 05, 2013

Agility Yoga Pants by Be Present

Agility Pants by Be Present

be present
If you are in search of a comfortable, great looking, and practical pair of yoga pants, look no further than the Agility Pant made by Be Present. I don't know when I've gotten so excited about a pair of pants!

Ditch Those Same Old Yoga Pants

I'd been wearing the same black stretchy yoga pants for years. When my most recent pair wore out, I decided to try something new, and I've been nothing but pleased with my Agility Pants.

So, How Are They to Practice in?

From a yoga perspective, these pants have a lot to recommend them. They are extremely lightweight and the proprietary Breathe Weave fabric dries so quickly that you never have to leave class with sweaty crotch stains (always a downer). They are slit up the back to the knee, which helps keep you cool and allows you to check your knee alignment easily. They are stretchy enough to get you into any pose (ok, you have to get yourself into the pose, but they won't stop you).

So, How do They Look?

From a style perspective, I have to say that these pants look good. I am happy to wear them on the street to and from class. They come in a ton of gorgeous colors and they have pockets! The ones with the lotus embroidered on the back are also very fetching.

Tell Me More About Be Present

You can feel good about purchasing these pants from Be Present, a family owned business located in Colorado. The Agility Pants are made in the USA.
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