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Review - Cool Yoga Tricks by Miriam Austin

Cool Yoga Tricks Offers Creative Adaptations

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Updated June 24, 2012

Review - Cool Yoga Tricks by Miriam Austin

Cool Yoga Tricks by Miriam Austin

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Cool Yoga Tricks sounds like it is going to be a book of impossible yoga poses that would impress your friends. But it is really quite the opposite: the "tricks" are intended to help beginners use props effectively to get into a range of yoga poses, from the most basic to rather advanced.

A Great Resource for Yoga Beginners

Miriam Austin is an experienced Iyengar yoga teacher. In keeping with Iyengar-style practice, she believes that having the proper alignment in the key to reaping the benefits of any yoga pose. But, as a teacher, she also realized that most students are not able to achieve perfect alignment from the moment they take up yoga. Therefore her book is a guide to how to use a variety of props, including blocks, blankets, straps, benches, chairs, and the wall to achieve correct alignment.

Unlike many yoga books, which show super flexible advanced yogis in gravity defying poses, Cool Yoga Tricks offers practical advice for real people. Geared towards the "beginner, beyond beginner, preintermediate, and intermediate" student, the book features more than 200 suggestions on how to adapt poses to your individual level using a wide range of props. It assumes a certain familiarity with basic yoga poses, while also including excellent alignment-based instructions on how to correctly do each pose.

Also Great For Yoga Teachers

Cool Yoga Tricks is also indispensable for yoga teachers. It is so helpful to be able to offer prop-based adaptations to your students that will help them feel good in a pose and encourage them to continue their practice. This book has such a wealth of options, you will find something to help even the most unflexible student.
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