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Yoga Gifts for Men


Updated May 21, 2014

Shopping for the guys can be hard, but it just got a little easier for those of you with yogis in your life. A lot of yoga products are designed for women, but I've searched out some that make great gifts for your yoga man (or yourself!).

1. Extra-Long Premium Yoga Mat by Manduka

Manduka Black Mat PRO
Photo Courtesy of Manduka

These mats are constructed to last much longer than your average, disposable yoga mat, and have great cushioning and traction, which explains their cult following. This extra-long mat is perfect for tall men.

2. Hotdog Rollpack

HotDog RollPack Yoga Bag
Photo Courtesy of Hotdog Yoga Gear
Let's face the facts: Most yoga mat bags are designed for women. They resemble hand bags and come in beautiful silky fabrics. So how's a guy supposed to get his yoga gear around town? The Hotdog Rollpack is chock full of compartments and pockets so you can keep track of all your stuff. It hold any size mat and, best of all, features an ingenious garment bag design to keep your street clothes from getting crumpled and sweaty.

3. Manduka Go Play Mat Sling

Photo Courtesy of Pricegrabber

For guys on the go, a stripped-down mat sling with a cool accessory pouch for your what-nots. Problem solved.

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4. Yogitoes Skidless Towel

Photo Courtesy of Yogitoes

Guys sweat, sometimes a lot, and this can make for a slippery situation in yoga class. This popular accessory promises to reduce slippage on your mat. The Spice Collection offers some great earthy color choices, like Rosemary, shown here. 

5. Yoga Crow Swerve Shorts

Yoga Crow Swerve Shorts
Photo Courtesy of Yoga Crow

Yoga Crow makes clothing just for men, so you know they've got an eye on what men want. These shorts are a streamlined take on a basketball short, plus pockets and a built-in boxer brief.

6. be present Baja Shorts

be present Baja Short
Photo Courtesy of be present

Calf-length pants that easily go from the street to the mat. These are made from "Breathe Weave" fabric, which dries quickly even after a sweaty class.

7. Klean Kanteen Pint Cups

Klean Kanteen Pint Cups
Photo Courtesy of Pricegrabber
These stainless steel pint cups are my new favorite thing. A generously sized drinking vessel that won't break and isn't plastic makes a great gift.
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8. Hell-Bent

Hell-Bent by Benjamin Lorr
Image Courtesy of St. Martin's Press

Writer Benjamin Lorr takes us deep inside the world of Bikram yoga, reporting as a participant in Bikram's teacher training and as a competitive yoga contestant. It's a fascinating, page-turning read.

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9. Stretch: The Unlikely Making of a Yoga Dude

Stretch by Neal Pollack
Image Courtesy of HarperCollins

Humor writer Neal Pollack's chronicle of the transformative effect yoga has had on his life. Don't worry, it's still funny.

10. Sushumna Chocolat

Sushumna Chocolat Tea Boxed Set
Photo Courtesy of Sushumna Chocolat

The Tea Boxed Set of chocolates includes all seven flavors, each of which corresponds to a specific chakra. Dark, milk, and white chocolate are all represented, with additional flavors like peppermint, cardamum, vanilla, and mushroom (?!). 

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