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Lunge With a Twist


Updated September 17, 2012

Twisting Lunge

Twisting Lunge

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Type of Pose: Standing, twist

Benefits: Improves balance, core strength, and spinal range of motion

Also Known As: Variation of revolved side angle - parivrtta parsvakonasana


1. Begin in a low lunge with the left foot forward.

2. On an inhalation, bring your arms up overhead into a high lunge.

3. Exhale the hands into Anjali mudra at the heart. Take a few breaths here.

4. On an exhale, twist to the left, bringing your right elbow outside your left knee.

5. Take several breaths, deepening your twist in each exhalation. Work on keeping your thumbs at your sternum.

5. Release back into a lunge and switch sides.

Beginners: If this pose in too intense, you can get a similar stretch from revolved side angle.

Advanced: There are several ways to deepen this pose. One is to drop your back heel so that your feet assume the revolved side angle position. You can also open your arms, bringing the right fingertips to the floor and the left ones toward the ceiling. If that feels good, you can attempt a bind by bringing the left hand behind your back and the right one under your left thigh to meet it.

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