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Fish Pose - Matsyasana


Updated May 16, 2014

Fish Pose - Matsyasana

Fish Pose - Matsyasana

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Type of pose: Backbend

Benefits: Opens the chest and throat, counter pose to shoulderstand.


1. Come to lie on your back.

2. Come up onto your elbows.

3. Slide your body towards the back of the mat while keeping your forearms in place and puffing up your chest.

4. Drop the crown of your head back to the floor, opening your throat.

5. To come out, press strongly into your forearms and raise your head off the floor.

6. Release your upper body to the floor.

Beginners: Place a blanket or block under your head if the crown does not comfortably come to the floor.

Advanced: Bring your arms up towards the ceiling with the palms touching. Lift your legs. Click the photo to see this variation.

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