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Half Lotus Pose - Ardha Padmasana


Updated October 22, 2012

Half Lotus Pose - Ardha Padmasana

Half Lotus Pose - Ardha Padmasana

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Type of pose: Seated

Benefits: Hip opener.


1. From staff pose – dandasana, bend the right knee and bring the right ankle to the left hip crease with the sole of the right foot facing upwards.

2. Settle the foot into the hip crease.

3. Bend the left knee and cross the left ankle under the right hip knee in a comfortable, cross-legged position.

4. Repeat, with the left foot on the bottom and the right foot on top. One side will probably feel easier, but try to do both sides whenever you sit in the pose for some time.

Advanced: When the hips begin to open, attempt full lotus.

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