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7 Yoga Poses That are Useful for Daily Life


Updated June 14, 2014

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Awkward Chair Pose - Utkatasana
7 Yoga Poses That are Useful for Daily Life

Awkward Chair Pose - Utkatasana

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Sure, it's great to be able to stand on your head, but how often does this skill come in handy in your daily life? Here are some yoga poses you can really use to improve your quality of life.

Every time I approach a public toilet, I thank goodness for awkward chair pose. This pose builds the exact strengths you need for holding yourself aloft without coming in contact with anything unsavory. After practicing this pose for awhile, your legs will no longer quake and you can relieve yourself in comfort. (Remember that it's only polite to lift the seat before you hover.) Raising your arms is optional.

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