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Dolphin Push-Ups


Updated September 12, 2013

These dolphin push-ups will strengthen your abs and arms, preparing you for arm balances and headstand.

1. Dolphin Pose

© Barry Stone
Begin in dolphin pose.

2. Dolphin Variation

© Barry Stone
Come to this variation of dolphin by interlacing the fingers.

3. Dolphin Push-Up

© Barry Stone
Bring your torso forward so that your face comes over your hands. The elbows will be lined up under your shoulders. Keep the body straight, as in chatutanga.

4. Dolphin Variation

© Barry Stone
Push back to dolphin. Try to repeat this ten times, coming forward on the inhale and pushing back on the exhale.

5. Child's Pose

© Barry Stone
Come down and rest in child's pose.
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