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Yoga Sequences for Home Practice

A variety of yoga sequences for home practice with variations for beginning and advanced yogis.

Yoga for Hips and Hamstrings
A series of seated hip openers and standing hamstring stretches.

Yoga Workout for Arms
Weight bearing yoga poses to tone the arms.

Go Through Your Vinyasa
Yoga teachers often use the phrases "go through your vinyasa" or "take the vinyasa of your choice." What are they talking about?

10 Yoga Workouts for Beginners
Figuring out yoga routines you can do at home is tough, especially for beginners. To help you get started, here are our top ten yoga workouts.

Sun Salutation - Surya Namaskara - Step by Step
The Sun Salutation sequence is at the center of vinyasa-style yoga practices. Learn this sequence and you'll be able to practice it at home any time.

How to Warm Up for Yoga
Most yoga classes will start off slowly, giving you the chance to warm up along the way, but it's not a bad idea to know a few poses you can do on your own to warm up while you wait for class to start or before a home practice.

10 Simple Yoga Exercises
Basic stretches like forward bends and lunges work the whole body without getting too complicated.

8 Yoga Poses for Relaxation
Use this series to cool down after a yoga session or to relax and de-stress.

10 Yoga Stretches for Your Daily Routine
Doing a little yoga each day will make a big difference. These ten poses will stretch your spine, hamstrings and hips.

Yoga for Better Posture
Yoga can improve your posture by encouraging you to be aware of your spine. Here are five exercises that teach you how.

Yoga for Abs Sequence
The yoga for abs sequence will help you get flatter abs and improve core strength.

Yoga Stretches at Your Desk
Workplace yoga stretches you can do at your desk.

Yoga Warrior Poses Sequence
This sequence puts together five warrior variations for a series that improves leg and core strength, and includes balancing, forward bending, and back bending.

Spring Yoga Routine
Wake up your mind and body with this invigorating routine for springtime.

Chair Yoga Poses
A sequence of chair yoga poses.

Moon Salutation - Chandra Namaskara
This Moon Salutation variation ups the intensity by including backbends and balancing postures.

Standing Yoga Poses Sequence
A classic series of standing poses to use in your home practice.

Standing Balances Sequence
Standing balances are tough to master, because they require strength and flexibility in addition to the ability to balance on one leg. This sequence offers a real challenge as you move from pose to pose while keeping the lifted leg off the floor the entire time.

9 Yoga Poses That Build Strength for Beginners
A tough little sequence to help you build the strength for more advanced postures.

Inversions Sequence
How to put together a series of inversions you can safely practice at home.

Seated Hip Stretches Sequence
Use this series in your home practice to work on hip openers.

Yoga Exercises for Back Pain 1: Yoga for Back Health
Get a healthy spine with this series of four stretches.

Prenatal Sun Salutation - Surya Namaskara
A sun salutation sequence for pregnant women.

Extended Side Angle Pose Variations - Utthita Parsvakonasana Variations
This guide to variations on Extended Side Angle Pose allow you to move through this sequence at home.

Pyramid Pose - Parsvottonasana Sequence
This sequence begins in pyramid pose and moves through a series of postures that work the hips and hamstrings.

Sun Salutations - Surya Namaskara
Sun Salutations - Surya Namaskara are the core of a Vinyasa style yoga practice. A sun salutation is a series of poses done in succession so that one pose flows into the next. The pace of the flow and how long the poses are held may vary, but the movement is done in accompaniment with the breath. With variations for beginning and advanced practitioners and links to yoga pictures.

Cat-Cow Stretch - Chakravakasana
Cat-cow is a basic vinyasa sequence, involving only two steps. Learn how to move your spine with your breath.

Yoga Stretches for Runners
There are many yoga poses that can be used by runners to stretch their muscles, which helps prevent injury.

Yoga for Cyclists
A series of ten poses intended to stretch out the areas of the body that experience wear-and-tear from cycling.

Yoga for Kids Sequence
14 poses for kids aged 4 and up.

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