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10 Yoga Poses That Improve Core Strength (And Tone Abs!)


Updated June 06, 2014

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6. High Lunge
10 Yoga Poses That Improve Core Strength (And Tone Abs!)

High Lunge

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1. Come back to Downward Facing Dog and rest for five breaths.

2. Bring your right foot forward next to your right hand.

3. Bend your right knee and align it over your right ankle so that your right thigh is parallel to the floor.

4. Raise both arms up towards the ceiling, coming into a High Lunge.

Stay for five breaths.

(Don't worry, we'll do the other side in a minute.)

Beginners' Variation: Place your hands in your hips.

Challenge Variation: On an inhale, straighten the right leg. Exhale and bend the right knee back over the ankle. Continue for five breath cycles.


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