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Readers Respond: Partner Yoga Stories

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Updated May 18, 2012

From the article: Partner Yoga
Doing yoga poses with a partner can be a little uncomfortable at first, but also can be a great way to deepen your poses and your connection to others. If you have a partner yoga story, be it positive, negative, or just plain funny, share it here.

partner yoga is powerful!

I teach partner yoga and, once people get over the initial discomfort of touching/being touched by someone else, they realize how much it helps! There are limitations though. When I was first a student and had to do partner work, I would excuse myself to the bathroom whenever we had to do hamstring stretches. One person would bend over and the other person would hook his fingers under the first person's sits bones (literally, laying hands smack dab on the second person's butt). This was a little to up close and personal for me. In my partner classes, if the partners are partners in real life, it's not an issue. But if not, I teach them how to do it on themselves against a wall.

twice as long

My videos have a lot of partner yoga during the "cool down" phase of the classes. The instructor says that if you are by yourself holding the pose twice as long is just as good. I finally participated in some live classes with partner yoga and I can go much further into poses than by just holding it twice as long. Definitely worth a try.

Get Over It!

I have always been shy and self conscious about my body. Yoga has helped me get over a lot of that. When I first started, I was horrified by the idea of partnering with a stranger. Eventually though, I found a great teacher who loves to do partner work almost every class. Because I like his teaching so much, I forced myself to get over my fear of partner work. And it's been really great. It's essentially all about being polite and not taking yourself too seriously. I will say that the article is right, you have to be careful if you get a partner who doesn't know what they are doing.
—Guest Jane Yoga

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