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Readers Respond: Share Your Nude Yoga Experience

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Updated November 11, 2012

From the article: Nude Yoga
Tell us (in a PG kind of way) about your experience trying nude yoga.

Not Together

I do nude yoga at home all the time..Find it to be amazingly relaxing...Just not sure about doing it with others however, but I would give it try if offered
—Guest Pete

Nude yoga is normal and natural

Once I discovered nude yoga the dread/effort of exercising vanished and now I look forward to my nude yoga sessions, usually private at home/hotel and in public coed groups when I can find them. Nude yoga allows you to see your body during the various moves and you get a clear picture of where you need to improve your body. You also gain an appreciation for your body and those of others. Let go of your fears and inhibitions and try it, you'll feel like you've been set free from bondage... :)
—Guest Traveler

Nude yoga

Nude yoga to me is not being provocative , it is just being. The ego is so gone to me. I become a part of the surrounding. It most grounding experiences I have. I will never give it up.
—Guest Hanuman

Comfortable with your body

When relaxed, yoga is an amazing way to grow comfortable with your body, regardless of your shape or gender. Doing nude yoga is wonderful and completely natural. Americans need to lose their puritanical preconceptions. I do nude yoga at home, outside (in relative privacy) as well as occasionally in a group. I've done it once mixed (where I was the only man) and frequently with men. It is not so much an erotic thrill as it was a sensual experience where all my senses were holistically alive. It truly was (and is) a liberating form of exercise, which I'd recommend. For those who are inhibited, try it, but start slowly. You'll love it.
—Guest Em

Young nudists

While I've only been practicing yoga for a year and a half, I've been practicing social nudism my entire life (24yrs). Last summer I joined Vida Nuda West's Facebook group and got super inspired when someone posted about nude yoga. I frequently take river trips alone to be nude in a natural setting and began bringing my yoga mat along. For me, practicing nude is ideal. I can simply feel my body better. I can see my muscles working and my chest moving with my breath. Aligning my body with the angle of the sun is especially amazing, it adds a different dimension to the poses and helps me feel connected to everything. I visited a nudist resort this winter with my non-nudist boyfriend. We did yoga in the nude in the lodge (a common area--the only warm building on the grounds!) without any problems. He found it practical to wear jockey shorts. Simply being nude is not sexually explicit; practicing yoga is not sexually explicit. Both are liberating and I think combining the two is natural.
—Guest RiverRat

Easy for drive by onlookers

I think, judging by the content of these responses, that it seems to be an issue of people looking at each other. I am not so sure that this belongs with yoga. In a society where people are constantly judging themselves and others, I fear that most attendees would be there for the wrong reasons. Think nude beach. Therefore, this should be a personal journey and a private venue amongst those with true motives for yoga.
—Guest skeptical

didn't like so much

I've practiced in the nude a few times and concluded it's not for me. I definitely appreciated the unrestricted movement, but I'm man and honestly the problem was that several asanas caused my genitals to scrape the ground (urdhva muhka svasana) or put the squeeze on a little too much because I had no clothes to hold things out of the way (marichasana series, etc). I suspect women would have similar issues up top. I'll stick with the speedo for now.
—Guest eka pada galavasana

Nude Yoga

I have both swam and sunned nude with mixed groups. My only resurvation with doing Yoga in the nude, would be concern that women might think I was watching them. I do watch others to see how they are doing a pose. I do not however ogle, and would not want my watching others to be misunderstood. My nude Yoga is therefore confined to my own living room. While I may do some stretches while on a nude beach it is not Yoga, nor in a setting where nudity is an exception.

An interesting activity...

Though I've never practiced nude yoga, I understand how being unencombered by clothes offers something. I grew up overseas where it was normal to attend the beach naked; so this might just be a similar activity. After you get over the embarrassment of the display of your body, you can find more satisfaction and peace which is the purpose of some forms of yoga. If I can, I'd like to give this a try. Thanks!
—Guest Moekay

Yoga Guests

I am a straight man in his late 40's who occassionally attends nude yoga classes with a gay men's club. Although most of the yoga I'm involved with is thru regular clothed mixed gender classes, once in a while I enjoy the au-natural approach. I like the sense of freedom of not having to feel waist bands or breathing thru an open shirt . The classes I attend are taught by a professional who is knowledgeable in all aspects of yoga and are not sexual in nature. I am also a member of a family oriented nudist club in my local area. Since there has't been any interest in starting up yoga there the all men's class in the only alternative. I think nude yoga would add a positive element to a persons total yoga routine.
—Guest Walden


i like doing yoga in the nude in my own house but won't be comfortable with others.
—Guest rosie

Makes Sense especially for Birkam

Depending on the person it would/could be quite liberating, which takes the whole experience up a level. But the practical side of being in America, is that is most likely would be not generally accpetable. Of course a regular yoga studio could incorporate a nude class once a week for those who deisre the experience.
—Guest Chris

Nah, too much info

I have no issue with doing it naked myself, but nudism in general is about 50+ overweight people in reality, or gay oriented lifestyles. I swim nude and tan nude in private areas but would rather not see this happen.
—Guest white dove

only at home...

I've done yoga nude at my own house. It was very cool and gave me a sense of freedom and liberation. However, I think I would have a very difficult time practicing yoga in a public place nude. How much trouble would it be for me to focus and keep my attention inward?? Plus some guys would probably come to the class to see women naked...I'll pass and save the naked yoga for home!
—Guest kristina

Good idea for right group...

I do bikram and just wear black shorts. I am certain it would be more comfortable nude if it were acceptable. I would think a clothing optional environment would be better accepted than a required policy, as men are often more comfortable with their bodies.

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