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Readers Respond: What's Your Favorite Yoga Mat?

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Updated June 24, 2012

Is it Manduka, Jade, Gaiam, or something else? Everyone seems to feel strongly about their favorite yoga mat. Share why you love your mat; is it the thickness, traction, longevity, material, pretty pattern? Do tell! Share Your Recommendation


Great mat from day 1. I see other people slipping and having to break-in their mat. Lululemon is ready to use immediately. I wished I would have gotten the longer length.
—Guest Angie

Prana's mat for me

The Prana Revolution is my favorite mat. I love the stick it has and it is very firm which helps me on balance poses. I actually though cut it down in size to slightly larger than a regular mat. I teach and it is just a dream - I have lots of confidence on it
—Guest Frenzy36

Stillmotion is Zen!

I just bought the Stillmotion from Sequence and I LOVE it. First yoga mat I've ever seen with grip zones for your hands and feet. Many of the poses I slid on with my old mat are not a problem with the Stillmotion. And I still get grip when I put a towel down for hot yoga. The mat is thick, which is awesome for kneeling poses, yet very lightweight. And I got a free yoga bag!
—Guest Kim - Zumba Yoga Gal

I miss my trusty Maha of yesteryear

I've been practicing for almost 2decades (I wish I hadn't just done the math). I miss my old Maha of 10 or so yrs past. I repurchased it a few times after i chunked it up nicely. Twice the repurchase was unsuccessful. I just heard it's been reengineered, and not to the same standard. Sigh. Searching for 2yrs now, I hope to find something Eco friendly, light (for my old injured shoulder/neck), and hopefully not smelly for too long... Loved it's stick factor and density. It's like missing an old friend.
—Guest Amy

Instructional CopyCat Yoga mat

This yoga mat has hand and foot placements printed right on the mat to show you where to put your hands and feet for each pose. There are also images of each pose provided on the mat so you can easily copy them. The instructional yoga mat is longer and thicker than a normal mat other mats. It will works for kids and adults of any height.
—Guest Elizabeth

Love Lululemon's "The Mat"

I recently converted to Lululemon's "The Mat". It is awesome! Traction is fantastic so I no longer need to use my yogitoes towels to keep me positioned in down dog and warrier poses (although to be honest, yogitoes never really worked well anyway!). It is lightweight and comes in fun colors (mine is purple). I'm very happy with it!
—Guest Lori

Mat reccomendation

Manduka EKO mat is the best mat in the universe!! I haved had my beautiful green mat for two years and there is no sign of wear. The texture is secure, the cushion is firm, and the color is my favorite green! I love my Manduka Eko!
—Guest Melissa

Manduka PROlite

I researched extensively before buying the Manduka PROlite. I'd narrowed it down to that and Jade Professional. I briefly considered LuLuLemon's The Mat, but the company's ethics are so out of line with my own that I excluded it from consideration. The main thing Manduka had going for it was reputed durability. I've been using cheapo mats for over a decade and if I was going to spend over $15 I wanted it to last. Since my mat's arrival, I've gone to three vinyassa and one Anusara class. Its performance was stellar. There was very slight slippage in down dog once my hands got sweaty. Reviews say that the mat improves with age - and mine was terrific right off the bat, with no breaking in whatsoever. I took my Manduka to my sister's - a longtime Jade devotee - & she tried a few poses on it & really liked it. She's been replacing her Jades every year or so when they fall apart, and is now considering replacing her next Jade with a Manduka, since it comes with a lifetime warranty.
—Guest Carrie_B


I have a mandala yoga mat. This mat ROCKS !! I found an ad for it in Yoga Journal. It's round, 6' wide, & nice & thick. I LOVE IT !! I can do ANY POSE & not have my feet get on the floor & slide. I just got it this year after getting pergo floors, which are slippery. You can get it with a DVD & carrying bag.I also have a regular Gaiam mat & an extra thick purple Gaiam that has 4 beautiful designs that help you to align your body. I used that one in class & it was my fave til I got the mandala mat. When I resume classes in June, I'll try the mandala if it doesn't take up too much room. It's fantastic for home practice. I highly recommend this mat. It's the BOMB & beats every other mat I've tried.

Love it

I have Manduka black and I love it. Used many mats before, but now won't use any other than Manduka black. but where do you get for $94? I paid more even 2 years back.
—Guest Manduka black pro

Giam Wai Lana

I have a Gaiam and a Wai Lana. The Gaiam I bought at target for $17 The Wai Lana I got at a teacher training workshop. they are both 68" but the Wai Lana seems more durable. I am actually in the market for a longer mat im thinking around 72" I like both of my mats though. My son has a Nortic track mat from sears that also seems to be holding up well.
—Guest Eric


For the last twenty-five years a "US MILITARY SURPLUS MAT SLEEPING BAG PAD" has been my mat of choice. Readily available at any army surplus store.
—Guest Tom

Manduka Black

This was best investment I made as a new yogi; I felt unstable and unsafe on mats with too much "give." After 6 years of hard use it is still like new.
—Guest Charla

Kulae all the way

I've tried many mats and towels, from natural rubber, pvc, and TPE. I've found that Kulae carries the best yoga products out there, hands down! The mat is perfect for my sensitive skin and the towel helps me from slipping all over the place. Love their colors and eco-friendliness too!!
—Guest Carol

preferred yoga mat

As yoga instructors and sellers of yoga supplies, we love the Lotuspad mat. Made of eco friendly TPE it is a nice thickness of 1/4 inch, good sticky appeal, breaks down with the environment, and feels solid beneath your feet. Colors are bold and each mat is reversible with a different color on the reverse side. Great texture.
—Guest dharma clothing and yoga

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