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Readers Respond: What's Your Favorite Yoga Video?

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Updated June 18, 2012

From the article: Yoga Video Reviews
With so many yoga DVDs on the market, it can be hard to figure out which ones are good. Help your fellow yogis out by recommending your favorite yoga videos, and you just might discover some you'll want to try as well.

Warrior Yoga

My favourite Yoga DVD is Trudie Styler & James D'Salva's Warrior Yoga by Gaiam. It's so calming and relaxing, but you still get a good toning workout and I actually lost weight doing it too! Check it out! Namishkara!
—Guest YogiHenrietta

Favorite Yoga Video: Elena Brower

I'm a relative newbie to yoga (less than one year), but I started with AM & PM Yoga for Beginners with Elena Brower. She doesn't go too quickly, and has a very soothing quality. The series Yoga for Beginners & Beyond with Brenda Benagh has some weird editing, but there is a large choice of routines to follow. She also focuses on breathing to a great extent as well, as well as the "surrender" aspect of yoga.
—Guest Kim


I have all of Shiva Rea's DVD's and honestly could not say which one was my favorite and I love them all. She is an excellent yoga teacher and has a soothing calming voice with peaceful reflective background music allowing you to connect with her. When I am at work I think about her DVDs and find it extremely hard sometimes which one to pick. I hope she puts another one together soon.
—Guest Kimberley Hutton

Eionn Finn

Love, Love, Love Eionn Finn! I have three of his DVDs and go to them all the time.
—Guest Jane J

Favorite Yoga Videos

My favorites are Total Yoga with Ganga White and Tracie Rich and Yoga for Everybody, both have beginning to advanced and you can switch them up every day.
—Guest Kathy

Favorite Yoga Videos

Yoga Zone w/ Alan Finger for beginners. He has his wife Greta and a couple of others displaying various stages from modified to full poses so that everyone can follow. My cats love his soothing voice and join me on the floor for corpse pose.
—Guest Priscilla

Ali McGraw Yoga, Body and Mind

My all time favourite yoga DVD, I want to be there with them doing that yoga practice!! Eric S. is fantastic and great music too!
—Guest wendy lewis

Donna Davidge's Chakra yoga

Donna Davidge's Chakra yoga CD is still my absolute, all-time favorite after years of practicing it. I still use the CD regularly! It makes me feel more energetic, relaxed and flexible than any other exercise or yoga class I've ever done.
—Guest Jennifer M.

Favorite Yoga DVDs

I like all the Lilias Folan works, and Peggy Cappy has a good Yoga in Chairs series for older folks.
—Guest Dani Greer

Best Pregnancy DVD

I love the Preganancy Health Yoga DVD. It is great for beginners and provides lots of good tips for labour. One of the best I have seen.
—Guest Gaie

Nicki Doane

Nicki Doane's DVD of Ashtanga yoga - the primary series (GAIAM), filmed in Hawaii. This is such a great introduction to Ashtanga yoga, the scenery is beautiful and I love Nicki's instruction. It's the DVD that inspired me to become a yoga teacher.
—Guest Jennifer

Yoga For Paddlers

Two 26 minute sessions, each with detailed positioning, cautions & increasing challenge. From www.brushymountainpublishing.com
—Guest reded

Shiva Rea

I have a fair amount of her dvd's - the Fluid Power is awesome and has a matrix on there to mix up your practice so it's never the same. She is an excellent teacher.
—Guest Sandy

Pregnancy Health Yoga with Tara Lee

For anyone searching for a pregnancy DVD, I personally find this one quite good. There is not a lot out there for yoga in pregnancy. Tara offers an energizing series and a relaxing/de-stressing one, along with some guidelines for working with poses during delivery. Additionally, there is a visualisation by Obstetrician and creator of the 'Gentle Birth Method', Dr Gowri Motha. Tara is a good teacher, moving swiftly from one pose to another, whilst giving options for health issues, and still teaching the essence of yoga. She always includes breathing in her sessions. I have been practising yoga for years, and do yoga daily, and it's definitely helping me feel energized to get through my busy day whilst pregnant.
—Guest Spaceball

Rodney Yee or Susanne Pearson

I love anything by these 2 instructors. Beautiful scenery, lovely music, and just enough calming instruction.
—Guest SweetB

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