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Readers Respond: What's Your Favorite Yoga Video?

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Updated June 18, 2012

From the article: Yoga Video Reviews
With so many yoga DVDs on the market, it can be hard to figure out which ones are good. Help your fellow yogis out by recommending your favorite yoga videos, and you just might discover some you'll want to try as well. Readers Respond

Sara Ivanhoe

Sara Ivanhoe is my favorite yoga teacher. I bought her Candlelight Yoga DVD first and quickly became hooked on yoga. I especially like her 20-minute yoga dvd's. She is an excellent teacher and explains the poses well. I had the pleasure of meeting her in person and she is a caring and compassionate teacher. She set me on my yogic path with her easy to follow dvd's, and I am a yoga teacher today and loving it! I hope to be as excellent a teacher as I think Sara Ivanhoe is!
—Guest Patricia Tavis

Wai Lana's dvds are the way to go

I can't believe no one has mentioned Wai Lana's dvds! She's got amazing experience and her dvds are customizable so you can arrange your own flow to her poses.
—Guest Madeline

Jillian Michaels

Youre probably thinking, "what does Jillian michaels know about yoga?" Well apparently a lot because I've been doing her Yoga Meltdown video for two years now. Love it! 35 minutes for each session and she offers modified versions of the poses. Be ready to sweat. :)
—Guest Chelsea

Fave Yoga DVD

I alternate between Rodney Yee's Power Yoga (60 minutes), Jimmy Barkan's The Barkan Method of hot yoga (60 minutes) & the Hot Yoga Doctor app on my iPad, which has a choice of 35, 60 or 90 minute hot yoga practice.
—Guest Nancy

Favorite Yoga DVD is Yoga for Athletes

I love all of the Yoga DVD's from Kimberly Fowler but my favorite is Yoga for Athletes. I feel like it is the perfect set of moves to flow through for a great workout and love the fact that her athletic approach makes it easy for me to follow along (no binds or scary poses) but challenging and rewarding enough to keep me coming back for more!
—Guest Sandra N.

My Big 3 Yoga DVDs

Kathryn Budig for her unreal,gravity-defying poses, Gwen Lawrence for her no-nonsense planks and Bryan Kest's 3 DVDs are gold.
—Guest Nemo

My Favorite Yoga DVD is Rodney Yee

Rodney Yee's Daily Yoga. 5 segments so that you can either do one daily or combine. Great instruction as well.
—Guest Sandy

My favorite video is Bryan Kest

My all time favorite that I always go back to is Bryan Kest's Power Series. All 3 levels. I mix them up.
—Guest Andy

Bryan Kest

I've been following Bryan Kest's Power Yoga series for years. The style is a little dated (jeans shorts over tights) but his style is calm and I also feel like I've gotten a good yoga workout when I'm finished. Definitely my "go-to" yoga video. Ali Macgraws Yoga Mind & Body is another favorite and is pretty timeless. Love hearing everyone's suggestions.
—Guest Dordo

Let's Do Yoga Mimmie Lewis aka Miriam S

The BEST yoga DVD (formerly video) I've seen in my 40 years as a yogi. Great teacher, GREAT voice and tremendous relaxation session at the end. Mim explains and demos postures perfectly with the appropriate attention to necessary warnings. It is like having a personal lesson or being a part of the group of students in the video. I was lucky enough to have Mim as my first yoga teacher and she is a big part of the reason I developed a lifelong practice. The video is accessible to all. Technically an intermediate class but appropriate for all levels. Give it 5 minutes and you will be hooked. Namaste & Blessings Gary J Lysak
—Guest garyji

Rodney Yee

I love all of Rodney Yee's DVD's, especially the 20-minute AM Yoga. I may not always have time for a full hours practise but I can sually squeeze in 20 minutes, and it never fails to make me feel better.
—Guest Jo

Fave Yoga Video

iFit Yoga for Weight Loss. I have the video and would like it in DVD, but having trouble finding.
—Guest Heidi

Warrior Yoga

My favourite Yoga DVD is Trudie Styler & James D'Salva's Warrior Yoga by Gaiam. It's so calming and relaxing, but you still get a good toning workout and I actually lost weight doing it too! Check it out! Namishkara!
—Guest YogiHenrietta

Favorite Yoga Video: Elena Brower

I'm a relative newbie to yoga (less than one year), but I started with AM & PM Yoga for Beginners with Elena Brower. She doesn't go too quickly, and has a very soothing quality. The series Yoga for Beginners & Beyond with Brenda Benagh has some weird editing, but there is a large choice of routines to follow. She also focuses on breathing to a great extent as well, as well as the "surrender" aspect of yoga.
—Guest Kim


I have all of Shiva Rea's DVD's and honestly could not say which one was my favorite and I love them all. She is an excellent yoga teacher and has a soothing calming voice with peaceful reflective background music allowing you to connect with her. When I am at work I think about her DVDs and find it extremely hard sometimes which one to pick. I hope she puts another one together soon.
—Guest Kimberley Hutton

Readers Respond

What's Your Favorite Yoga Video?

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