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Ann Pizer

Marichyasana I + Life Lessons

By September 8, 2013

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If I have one yoga pet peeve (one? who am I kidding? what? you too? share them here! you'll feel better afterwards!) it's this: getting ahead of yourself. Like when the teacher gives a specific chain of commands, each dependent on the one before it, to get you into a complicated pose. She's saying, "If you can do A, move on to B. When you've got B, try C," but all around are people attempting C without ever mastering A. And the reason I care is that if you skip steps your alignment goes all wonky and your risk of injury increases. Which brings me, in a very roundabout fashion, to marichyasana I. The first step here is the bind with both butt cheeks firmly on the ground. Get that and then and only then move into the forward bend. I know everyone always want to get ahead, but sometimes it's better to stay behind.

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