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Ask Aunt Yoga Advice Column - Arm Position in Staff Pose


Updated September 23, 2012

Staff Pose - Dandasana

Staff Pose - Dandasana

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Question: Ask Aunt Yoga Advice Column - Arm Position in Staff Pose
Dear Aunt Yoga,

When I'm in dandasana posture [staff pose] with my palms on the floor beside my outer hips, I notice that if my arms are straight, my shoulders move upwards to the ears. If I bring the shoulders down, my arms bend at the elbows. Can you kindly advise which position is preferable?

- Mebel

Answer: Dear Mebel,

In this pose, as in most yoga poses, it is more important to keep the shoulders sliding down away from the ears than to straighten the arms. Some people have longer arms, others shorter, so being able to straighten the arms can be a matter of simple anatomy. In staff pose, move the shoulders down, keeping the shoulder blades on your back and keep pressing into the floor with your palms. If this brings a slight bend to your arms, so be it.


Aunt Yoga

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