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Beginning Yoga Practice

If you've been thinking about taking a yoga class at your local studio or gym, here is the basic information you'll want to have before starting.
  1. Finding a Yoga Class (5)

How to Start Doing Yoga
I often hear from people who have been thinking about trying yoga for awhile but don't know how to start. This article gives you all the advice you need to have a positive experience.

Yoga Tips
Expert recommendations on yoga clothing, equipment, and attitude for beginners.

Yoga Etiquette
Knowing the conventions of good yoga etiquette will make you feel comfortable when you enter a new studio.

10 Essential Yoga Poses for Beginners
These are ten poses you are guaranteed to see in your first few yoga classes. Get ahead of the game by familiarizing yourself with them now.

Beginners' Yoga Pose Library
This list of basic poses for beginners covers the poses that are most likely to come up in your first few yoga classes. Taking a few minutes to familiarize yourself with these poses will help you feel more comfortable as you get started.

Yogi Beware! 5 Most Dangerous Yoga Poses For Beginners
These poses should be approached with caution by yoga beginners.

Essential Yoga Equipment for Beginners
A run down of what you really need when you start yoga.

What is Yoga?
You may have the idea that you want to do yoga without fully understanding what yoga is. Here is a discussion of all that yoga entails.

Why Yoga?
Ten reason why you should try yoga.

Benefits of Yoga
Now that you have started doing yoga, what health benefits can you expect to experience? From improved flexibility to mental clarity, here's a run-down.

History of Modern Yoga Asana
How old are the yoga poses you are learning in a modern class?

How to Choose a Yoga Style
Wondering how to choose of yoga? Here's my advice.

Yoga Style Guide
Choosing the right yoga styles is the key to a successful experience. Learn about the many styles available here.

Why Alignment Matters
What alignment is and why you should care about it.

Yoga Studio vs. Gym
Your gym may offer yoga classes, but are they as good as the ones in a yoga studio? Well, it really depends on what you are looking for. Get all the details here.

Yoga at Home Vs Class
Advice for on yoga at home and in classes for beginners and advanced students.

Yoga for Beginners Crash Course
Through weekly email newsletters, you will find out how to pick a yoga style, lose weight, observe proper yoga etiquette, and avoid injury. Each week you will also get the answer to a frequently asked question (FAQ). At the end of this seven-week course, you will understand the principles and origins of yoga, and know how to practice beginning-level poses.

Yoga for Exercise
If you want to do yoga just for the physical benefits, there are plenty of options that fit that bill.

Get in Shape with Yoga
Find out how yoga can help you get in shape. You can get in shape with yoga.

30-Day Quick Start Yoga Guide for Beginners
A 30-day plan to get your yoga practice going.

30-Day Quick Start Yoga Guide for Beginners - Your First Day
Day one gets your 30-day yoga regime off on the right foot.

30-Day Quick Start Yoga Guide for Beginners - Your First Week
The first week of the 30-Day Quick Start Yoga Guide.

30-Day Quick Start Yoga Guide for Beginners - Your First Month
This guide covers your first month of workouts.

Yoga for Men
Yoga information for men. With more and more men getting into yoga, here is the information you need to start doing yoga.

Yoga for Seniors
Yoga is getting more popular with seniors. Learn all about yoga for seniors.

Yoga Advice From the Far Side of 40
How to start a yoga practice after 40.

Plus-Size Yoga
Information and special concerns for plus-size people who want to try yoga. How to do yoga when you are overweight.

Partner Yoga
Doing yoga with a partner can be a great way to deepen your poses and connect with others, but it is not without risks. Discover the benefits and risks of partner yoga.

Best Hairstyles for Yoga
You probably know how you like to wear your hair for working out, but yoga presents some special hair challenges you might not have thought of. See which hairstyles are best for yoga.

Why Do Yoga at the Gym or a Yoga Studio
Everyone has an opinion on yoga at the gym vs. a yoga studio. Share yours here.

Share Your Yoga Tips
Help a newbie out with your best yoga tip!

How Did You Get Into Yoga
Tell us how you caught the yoga bug.

Yoga Etiquette Pet Peeves
Get those bad yoga etiquette grievances off your chest.

Share Your Partner Yoga Stories
Doing yoga poses with a partner can be a little uncomfortable at first, but also can be a great way to deepen your poses and your connection to others. If you have a partner yoga story, be it positive, negative, or just plain funny, share it here.

Share Your Tips for Plus Sized Yogis
Plus sized yogis face unique challenges when starting a yoga practice. Share your tips on how you can do yoga even if you are overweight.

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