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Yoga for Beginners


Find out how to start and sustain a yoga practice, including lots of information that demystifies yoga and to make you feel comfortable beginning this wonderful practice.
  1. Absolute Beginners
  2. What to Expect
  3. Yoga for Your Health
  4. Yoga for Everybody
  5. Poses and Sequences for Beginners

Absolute Beginners

Information for those who have never done yoga or have just started a practice.

What to Expect

Your yoga cheat sheet will guide you through the many unfamiliar aspects of starting a new practice.

Yoga for Your Health

Yoga is therapeutic for many injuries and medical conditions. Yoga therapy can provide relief from stress, as well as many other mental and physical ailments, but always consult your doctor before beginning a new yoga therapy.

Yoga for Everybody

One of the great things about yoga is that it is so adaptable to varying populations. Whatever your age, sex, or level of fitness, there is a yoga for you.

Poses and Sequences for Beginners

Become familiar with beginners' yoga poses and learn basic sequences you can try at home.

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