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Find Yoga Classes

How to Find Local Classes, Teachers, and Studios


Updated September 19, 2013

When you're just getting started with yoga, it may be difficult to figure out how to find yoga classes, teachers, or centers that will fit your needs. Luckily, there are some online directories that can help you find local yoga classes.

General Directories

Covering a wide breadth of yoga styles and locations

1. Yoga Journal Directory

    Find teachers, studios, and teacher training programs internationally by location or style.

2. Yoga Alliance

    The Yoga Alliance sets the standards for becoming a registered yoga teacher. Look up registered teachers and training programs by style and location.

3. Everything Yoga

    A search-by-ZIP code directory of yoga studios, so you can find something right in your neighborhood.

4. Yoga Finder

    An extensive listing of yoga teachers, studios, and retreats, including the option to subscribe to a yoga events newsletter for your area.

5. Yogoer

    Great resource for finding yoga studios in New York City.

Specialized Directories

If you are looking for classes in a specific style, the best resource is usually the official websites. Here are links to the teacher directories of several popular styles, as well as links to more info on those styles.

1. Anusara

2. Ashtanga

3. Bikram

4. Integral

5. Iyengar

6. Jivamukti

7. Kundalini

8. Power Yoga

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