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Nude Yoga

Why Do People Do Naked Yoga?


Updated May 27, 2014

Nude Yoga

Nude Yoga

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Doing yoga in the nude is becoming increasingly popular, and it's not just some naked stretching in your living room. Though not quite mainstream yet, nude yoga classes are being offered in diverse settings, including yoga studios and community centers, as well as through private clubs. As you might imagine, the venue of the class sets the tone and helps determine the clientele. There are many different motivations for trying nude yoga, though a common thread is developing an acceptance of the body in its natural state.

Now Playing at Your Local Yoga Studio

Nude yoga classes offered at yoga centers tend to be co-ed, with an emphasis on practicing unencumbered by the confines of clothing. The style of instruction may vary, depending on the teacher.

Devotees find liberation in practicing naked in a safe environment, which they insist is strictly non-sexual. The room is often dimmed to make students more comfortable and clothing is sometimes removed ritualistically. Many get a thrill from dabbling outside of society’s norms, as well as enjoying greater freedom of movement and liberation from the tyranny of cute, matching yoga outfits.

Members Only

Private groups that come together to do yoga in the nude tend to cater to gay men. Although these groups have some of the same interests as those mentioned above, notably accepting the body, freedom of movement, and the lure of the forbidden, the atmosphere in these classes can get sexually charged. Classes, which are usually taught by certified yoga instructors (though this is unregulated given the private nature of these organizations), often include partner work, so a certain level of comfort with touching other naked men is a must. And while wild orgies may not break out, most admit that it is kind of a pick-up scene.

Is Nude Yoga For You?

If you are very comfortable in (and showing) your skin, you will probably feel right at home in a nude yoga class. However, nude yoga advocates feel that students who want to work on their body images stand to benefit the most.
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