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Practicing Yoga During Pregnancy

Yoga during pregnancy is generally very safe and is a great way to connect with your baby and prepare for childbirth. Get all the prenatal yoga information and precautions you need here.
  1. Prenatal Yoga Poses (16)

Introduction to Prenatal Yoga
Whether you are new to yoga or already an experienced practitioner, you can enjoy the benefits of yoga while pregnant.

Prenatal Yoga Email Course
Through weekly email newsletters, you will learn how to best approach yoga during your pregnancy. In this four-week course, you'll learn how to modify your practice as your pregnancy progresses, poses and techniques that can ease your pregnancy and delivery, and how to get back in shape after you give birth.

Prenatal Yoga Dos and Don'ts
This guide points you to beneficial practices during pregnancy and also points out precautions to take to make sure you arepracticing as safely as possible.

Prenatal Yoga - The First Trimester
Though a specifically prenatal yoga class may not be necessary in the first trimester, there are some general recommendations for safely doing yoga during your pregnancy.

Prenatal Yoga - The Second Trimester
The second trimester of pregnancy is a time of big growth for you and your baby, so more adaptations of your yoga practice are becoming necessary. It's also a great time to start prenatal yoga classes.

Prenatal Yoga - The Third Trimester
In the third trimester of pregnancy, your body can become truly cumbersome, but you can still get a lot out of prenatal yoga before your baby is born. See which poses can help you prepare for delivery and which poses to avoid.

Prenatal Sun Salutation Sequence - Step-By-Step
You don't have to give up sun salutations when you are pregnant. Use these variations on the classic poses.

Mom and Baby Yoga
After you give birth, mom and baby yoga classes are a good way to ease back into your practice and meet other new mothers.

Postpartum Yoga
Doing yoga is a great way to get back in tune with your body after your pregnancy. This guide will get you ready.

8 Yoga Stretches for Nursing Moms
8 poses to make your back and shoulders feel better during the time you are breastfeeding your baby.

Postpartum Yoga Diary
Getting back into yoga after the birth of my second child.

Birthing Breath
This breathing technique can help with pain management during labor.

Natural Morning Sickness Remedies
Alternative Medicine Guide Cathy Wong has some great suggestions for combating morning sickness.

Yoga in Pregnancy
About.com's pregnancy expert weighs in.

Pilates and Pregnancy
Pilates Guide Marguerite Ogle explains how to safely do Pilates during your pregnancy.

The Yoga of Birth
Rethinking the birthing process, with yoga as a model.

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