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Home Practice

Are you attracted to the idea of starting a home yoga practice, but you don't know where to begin? Here are some ideas and guidelines for practicing yoga at home.

Can I Do Yoga at Home?
Get my advice on starting a home practice if you have never done yoga before.

Yoga Home Practice Advice
Readers share their yoga home practice tips.

Yoga at Home Vs Class: Advice for Beginners and Advanced Students
On choosing to do yoga at home or in classes.

10 Yoga Workouts for Beginners
Use these short workouts alone or as building blocks for a longer practice.

Best Sites for Online Yoga Videos
If you practice a lot at home, chances are you use at least the occasional yoga video. This guide points you to the best websites for free and fee-based yoga videos online.

9 Tips for an Amazing Yoga Staycation
how to have a yoga vacation without leaving home.

Your Yoga Room
Show us your yoga room! Whether you've carved out a special corner of your bedroom or are able to dedicate a whole room to your yoga practice space, inspire others with pictures and descriptions of your yoga room.

Nintendo Wii Fit Review
Find out if the yoga offered by Nintendo's Wii Fit system will hlep your home practice.

Yoga Pose by Difficulty
A handy index to help you find poses at your level.

Ashtanga Yoga
If you are attracted to the idea of a home practice, try taking some Ashtanga classes first. The classes will teach you a sequence you can do anywhere.

Designing a Yoga Room on a Budget
Give your home practice a place to blossom by planning a designated yoga space in your house.

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