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Moksha Yoga / Modo Yoga


Updated June 13, 2014

Moksha Hot Yoga was founded in Toronto, Canada in 2004 by yoga teachers Ted Grand and Jessica Robertson. Though a relative newcomer, this style has quickly gained popularity as over 30 affiliated studios have since opened worldwide, including in Canada, the United States, Switzerland, and the Caribbean. The Moksha method is a set series of about 40 poses done in a hot room. The associated studios follow strict "green" standards for keeping their spaces environmentally friendly, including using sustainable building materials and natural cleansers. They are also committed to offering weekly low-cost classes and karma yoga opportunities to keep yoga classes more affordable. In September, 2013, Moksha changed the name of its U.S. studios to Modo Yoga. 

How to Find a Moksha/Modo Studio

Each Moksha studio is independently owned by a certified yoga teacher and approved by founders Ted Grant and Jessica Robertson. In order to make sure you are finding an official studio, check the Moksha website. Do note that since the Sanskrit word "moksha" is translated as liberation, freedom, or enlightenment, it is not surprising that there are many yoga studios with this name, some of which are not affiliated with Moksha Hot Yoga. For information on studios the U.S., go to the Modo Yoga website.

What to Expect

A form of hot yoga, the Moksha series of about 40 poses begins and ends with savasana. Students are often invited to set an intention for their practice before moving into a series of standing poses. Once warm from standing poses, the class moves on to a floor sequence that includes hip openers and spinal/upper body work. Moksha Yoga is designed to be both accessible and challenging, supporting life-long health.
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