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Are you a bit baffled by all the different types of yoga out there? Need help picking a style that's right for you? While different styles of yoga are all based on the same poses, there are some major differences between them. Find the style of yoga that will best suit your body and personality here.
  1. Yoga Style Basics
  2. Traditional Styles
  3. Contemporary Styles
  4. Vinyasa/Flow
  5. Hot Yoga
  1. Alignment Oriented
  2. Power Yoga
  3. Prenatal and Family Yoga
  4. Adaptive Styles
  5. Yoga Off The Mat

Yoga Style Basics

Get a quick overview of some of the most popular yoga styles.

Traditional Styles

These styles of yoga all originated in India. Though now popular worldwide, each of these styles follows a method developed by an Indian guru.

Contemporary Styles

These yoga styles all originated in the United States, although they are all based on traditional methods.


These styles all use a flowing style of practice, in which you move from one pose to another in sequence while focusing on the breath.

Hot Yoga

Yoga done in heated rooms (generally 95 to 100 degrees F) are guaranteed to get you sweaty in a hurry.

Alignment Oriented

These styles devote special attention to the precise way the body should be positioned in each yoga pose in order to obtain the maximum benefit from the pose and avoid injury.

Power Yoga

Fast-paced, sweaty yoga styles. These will get your heart pumping and are the most effective yoga workouts.

Prenatal and Family Yoga

Learn how to safely practice yoga during pregnancy and how to introduce yoga to your family.

Adaptive Styles

These styles adapt yoga to fit the needs of specialized populations.

Yoga Off The Mat

The newest trends in yoga take you off the mat for aerial and aquatic adventures.

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