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Yoga and Fat Burning


Updated June 02, 2014

What is Fat Burning?

Fat burning has become a popular catch phrase for marketing classes at the gym and exercise videos. Most people who are seduced by the idea of burning fat want to lose weight or tone their bodies. When it comes to weight loss, it really doesn't matter if your body is burning fat or carbs: what matters is that you are burning more calories than you consume. About.com exercise guide Paige Waehner recommends that you exercise consistently and vary your workout routine if your goal is to burn fat.

Is Yoga Effective for Fat Burning?

Yoga is great at improving your over-all health and sense of well-being. It can even help you lose weight, though this benefit has been shown to derive primarily from yoga's role in promoting a healthier lifestyle rather than from calories burned. Yoga is can also build muscle definition, making you look more toned. Use yoga as part of your overall weight-loss plan but don't count on getting the bulk of your cardio at yoga class. Yoga combined with walking, running, or biking is a great choice.

Which Yoga Poses Are the Best for Burning Fat?

No individual yoga pose is going to make the pounds melt off your thighs. It doesn't really matter what yoga poses or style you do, as long as you do a regular practice.

More Advice for Burning Fat

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