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Yoga Clothing and Equipment

Expert advice on the best yoga clothing (including pants for men and women), mats, props, and other essential equipment.
  1. Yoga Mats, Mat Bags, and Props (20)

Yoga Pants for Women
You'll definitely need some kind of pants if you're going to do yoga. As you can imagine, there are a ton of options out there, so here are some of the most popular choices.

Yoga Shorts for Women
Our list has plenty of booty shorts but we tracked down some longer styles too.

Yoga Panties
Do you need special panties for yoga? Probably not, but if visible panty line is getting you down and you can't stand the idea of a thong, check out my yoga panty research.

Best Yoga Pants for Men
Find the best yoga pants for men, in a range of styles, from top yoga apparel companies.

Best Yoga Shorts for Men
If you prefer shorts to pants for your yoga practice, have a look here for a wide range of styles.

Hot Yoga Wear
You might want to dress a little differently for hot yoga sine you will be sweating so much. See what hot yoga teacher Darla Magee recommends.

10 Alternatives to Lululemon
Lululemon is not the only game n town when it comes to great yoga pants. Check out these alternatives.

Lululemon Athletica
A profile of Lululemon Athletica, a very successful brand of yoga clothing.

be present Yoga Pants
Be present's signature pants include the Agility, Mobility, and Kona. See what makes each of these pants unique.

Review - Agility Yoga Pants by Be Present
Be Present's Agility yoga pants are some of my personal favorite pants. See why these pants have won my heart.

Yoga Supplies
The basic supplies you need to do yoga at home.

Yoga Gift Guide
Holiday gift idea for the yogis you love. There's something on this list for every budget.

Yoga Gifts for Men
The yoga dudes in your life will appreciate these gifts picked out with them in mind.

Manduka Black Mat PRO Review
The popular Manduka PRO is the favorite mat of many yoga lovers. Find out what sets this mat apart from the competition.

Review - Harmony II Yoga Mat by Jade Yoga
A review of the PVC-free Harmony II Yoga Mat by Jade Yoga.

Gurus: Eco-Conscious Flip-Flops With an Indian Pedigree
Gurus rubber sandals have a unique look and are environmentally friendly.

Yoga ToeSox Review
Wondering what the deal is with those crazy ToeSox? Find out here.

meSheeky Yoga Skirts
Do we really need yoga skirts? Let's find out.

Yoga Mat Bags
Whether you are looking for the traditional tubular yoga mat bag or something a little more unusual, this is the place to see the cutest yoga bags. Some yoga bags pass as high-fashion handbags or sporty messenger totes and then, surprise!, feature hidden straps for your yoga mat. The best bags look good and give great functionality.

Essential (And Optional) Yoga Equipment
The basic yoga equipment you need to get started practicing yoga.

Three Minute Egg Yoga Prop
The oval-shaped Three Minute Egg yoga block has some real advantages over a rectangular block.

7 Yoga Brands You Can Trust
Six of our favorite places to shop for yoga gear.

Savasana Props
Eye pillows and bolsters to support the body help you let go and relax in savasana,

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