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Ultimate Yoga Mat Comparison

Five Top Yoga Mats Put to the Test


Updated May 30, 2014


Which Yoga Mat Is Right For You?

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Which yoga mat is the best? Well, it depends on your priorities. Do you need a light mat for travel? Are you most concerned about having a biodegradable mat? Do you want a mat that will last a good, long time? Is cost your biggest issue? Here is a chart that lays out all the most important features in five popular yoga mats so that you can easily decide which one is right for you. In addition, you can use the links below to find more in-depth reviews of several of these mats.

The Contenders

  • Gaiam Yoga Essentials Mat: This mat provides our baseline. It is probably the most commonly used mat for beginners. It is readily available at supermarkets and it very economically priced.


  • Kulae tpECOmat: A soft, lightweight mat made of biodegradable TPE.

    Kulae tpECOmat Review

  • Jade Harmony Mat: Very popular mat made of rubber. Completely natural and very durable.

    Jade Harmony Review

  • Lululemon The Mat: This mat ingeniously layers two materials, giving you a choice of practice surfaces.

    The Mat

  • Manduka Black Mat PRO: Extremely durable, heavyweight mat favored by yoga enthusiasts.

    Manduka Black Mat PRO Review


  Gaiam Kulae tpECOmat Jade Harmony Lululemon
The Mat
Manduka PRO
material PVC TPE rubber polyurethane, rubber PVC
thickness 1/8" 1/8" 3/16" 3/16" 1/4"
weight light (2.2 lbs) light (2 lbs) mid (4 lbs) mid (5.5 lbs) heavy (7 pounds)
length 68" 72" 68" or 74" 71" 71" or 85"
biodegradable no yes yes no no
odor no no yes (rubber) slight (rubber) no
soft yes yes no yes no
traction fair good good good good
durability poor poor good good good
price $22 $39 $69.95 $68 $100
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