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Yoga Supplies

Essential Yoga Equipment


Updated September 07, 2012

One of the nice things about yoga is that it doesn't require a lot of stuff. However, there are a few things that are useful to have when starting your yoga practice, especially if you're planning on doing yoga at home.

1. Mats

Ann Pizer
Yoga mats (also called sticky mats) are used in most yoga classes to provide cushioning and traction. While you can usually rent a mat at a yoga studio, it's a good idea to have your own, for both hygienic and financial reasons. If you're having trouble deciding which mat to buy, this comparison chart breaks it down for you.

2. Mat Bags

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Some people love to have a bag for every occasion, others are just as happy throwing everything they need in the trunk of their car. If you fall in the former category, you are going to want one of these bags for your yoga gear if you commute to classes sometimes.

3. Props

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Besides a mat, essential yoga props include a block, blanket, and strap. If you plan to do some yoga at home, it's a good idea to purchase these props. Otherwise, yoga studios usually provide props for students to use during class.

4. Pants

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Though any pair of shorts or even sweatpants will do, speciality yoga pants are designed with your practice in mind, so they are usually fitted, while allowing great range of motion. Here are some of the most popular styles for women. Men, check here.

5. Books

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This list includes books that provide great instructions on how to do yoga poses, reference sources, yoga philosophy, and books with amazing aspirational photos.

6. Videos

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Readers share their favorite yoga videos. A great place to get a recommendation that will fit your needs.
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