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Ear Pressure Pose - Karnapidasana


Updated June 29, 2012

Ear Pressure Pose - Karnapidasana

Ear Pressure Pose - Karnapidasana

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Type of Pose: Inversion

Benefits: Aligns the spine, opens the shoulders


1. From Plow pose, bend your knees and bring them to the floor on either side of your head.

2. Rest the tops of your feet on the floor.

3. Allow the knees to apply light pressure to the ears, momentarily cutting off aural distractions.

3. Take at least five breaths before releasing your arms and slowly rolling out of the pose vertebra by vertebra.

Beginners: Don't worry if your knees don't come all the way to the floor. It's find to keep the knees up until they come to the floor naturally.

Advanced: Another way to get out of this pose is by doing an Ashtanga-style back somersault (chakrasana). Release your arms from behind your back, bend your elbows, and bring the palms of your hands under your shoulders as if you were preparing to do wheel pose. Curl your toes under and push into your palms as you do a back roll into downward facing dog.

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