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Lizard Pose - Utthan Pristhasana


Updated May 16, 2014

Lizard Pose - Utthan Pristhasana

Lizard Pose - Utthan Pristhasana

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Type of Pose: Standing

Benefits: Hip opener, stretches the hamstrings and thighs


1. From Downward Facing Dog, step the right foot to the outside of the right hand.

2. Bend the right knee so that the right thigh is parallel to the floor.

3. Turn the right toes out slightly.

4. Come down onto your elbows, putting a block underneath the elbows if necessary.

5. Keep the neck the natural extension of your spine, press the left heel away, and keep the hips square.

Beginners: Drop the left knee to the mat if having the left leg raised is too difficult. You may also keep your arms straight if coming down to the elbows is too intense.

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