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Scorpion Pose - Vrschikasana

How to Do Scorpion Pose - Vrschikasana


Updated May 16, 2014

Scorpion Pose - Vrschikasana

Scorpion Pose - Vrschikasana

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Type of pose: Inversion, Backbend

Benefits: Strengthens the shoulders, abdominals and back; improves balance

Note: Wondering whether to invert while menstruating?


1. From Forearm Stand, bend the knees.

2. Lift your head and bring your feet close to your head as you come in to a deep backbend. The knees will separate, but keep the toes together.

Beginners: True beginners should not attempt this pose. If you are comfortable doing Forearm Stand at the wall, try moving yourself a little bit farther from the wall. Then walk your feet down the wall toward your head.

Advanced: Bring your feet to rest on your head.

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