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Staff Pose - Dandasana


Updated May 16, 2014

Staff Pose - Dandasana

Staff Pose - Dandasana

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Type of pose: Seated

Benefits: Strengthens legs; improves alignment

Dandasana is the basic seated pose from which all the others originate. Think of it as a seated version of Mountain Pose - Tadasana.


1. Sit with the legs outstretched straight in front.

2. Engage the thigh muscles and flex the feet. The heels may come up off the floor.

3. Make your spine long.

4. Stack the shoulders directly on top of the hips.

Beginners: Put padding under your sit bones, if necessary.

Advanced: This pose looks easy, but if you are really working the thighs, you can break a sweat.

*Check out Aunt Yoga's advice on arm position in this pose!

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