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Wild Thing

How to Flip Your Dog


Updated July 08, 2012

Wild Thing

Wild Thing

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Type of Pose: Backbend

Benefits: Improves spinal flexibility, strengthens the arms.


1. From downward facing dog, lift the right leg, coming into down dog split.

2. Open the right hip towards the ceiling and bend the right knee.

3. Continue opening the hip and begin pivoting on the ball of the left foot to bring yourself into position for a backbend.

4. As the hips come to face the ceiling, bring the right foot to the floor, this time on the outside of and parallel to the left foot.

5. The right arm comes off the floor and stretches to the front of the room.

6. To come out, pivot on the ball of the left foot and drop the right arm to return to down dog split.

7. Repeat on the other side.

Beginners: This is an advanced backbend.

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