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Illustrated Step-by-Step Sun Salutation


Updated June 02, 2014

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Uttanasana to Flat Back
Uttanasana and Flat Back

Uttanasana and Flat Back

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Exhale - Release your arms to either side and forward bend over your legs as if you were doing a swan dive into a swimming pool, coming into forward bend - uttanasana. If you are short on space in class, you can keep your palm together as you fold forward instead. Place the finger tips in line with your toes. You can flatten the palms if possible, tent your fingers, or place your hands on your shins if they don't comfortably reach the floor when your legs are straight. You can also bend the knees a little if that makes you more comfortable.

Inhale - Lift your head as you come to a flat back - ardha uttanasana, bringing the finger tips to the floor or higher up your legs, whichever is appropriate for you. Come up as high as is necessary to get that back really flat.

Exhale - Return to your full forward bend - uttanasana.

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