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Yoga Poses and Workouts


It's hard to put together a series of yoga poses that fits your needs. It's even harder to design a series that flows nicely from one pose to the next. Use these basic sequences as a building block to craft a yoga routine that works for you.
  1. Yoga Poses
  2. Beginners' Workouts
  3. Intermediate Workouts
  4. Yoga for Back Pain
  5. Prenatal Workouts

Yoga Poses

Downward Facing Dog

The heart of any yoga practice is the performance of yoga positions (called asanas), each of which has specific physical and and mental benefits.

Beginners' Workouts

These basic sequences are a good way to bring your yoga practice home with you. For a longer series, you can do several of the sequences back to back.

Intermediate Workouts

When you a ready, you can start to vary your routine with some more advanced poses.

Yoga for Back Pain

These sequences are designed to address specific problem areas for back pain sufferers.

Prenatal Workouts

These sequences are of special benefit to pregnant women.

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